SMEI is proud to be the National Affiliate Member of the International Society for Music Education. For more information on ISME see

ISME is affiliated to the International Music Council and UNESCO
ISME is present in over eighty countries
ISME is the premiere international organisation for music education
ISME respects all musics and all cultures
ISME believes that every individual has a right to music education

July 2016 promises to be an inspiring month for music educators from across Ireland and the globe. From the 24th to 29th of that month the 32nd ISME World Conference will be taking place in the vibrant city of Glasgow. ISME is a worldwide organisation that seeks to celebrate the diverse ways that people engage with, and develop in and through, music. ISME represents an international, interdisciplinary, intercultural network of professionals who strive to understand, promote and deliver music learning across the lifespan. The World Conference 2016, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, promises to be a remarkable and unmissable celebration and exploration of current issues in, and practice of, music education.

SMEI, which is the ISME National Affiliate for Ireland, will be well represented at the 32nd world conference with Irish delegates presenting papers, posters and at symposia. SMEI chair, Dr Gwen Moore is now a member of the newly established INA Council and will attend meetings on behalf of SMEI.