DabbledooMusic is a free resource for creative music making designed by musician, composer and educator Shane Mc Kenna, in collaboration with visual artist Killian Redmonk.

It uses a system of animated music notation developed by Shane since 2008, which aims to encourage creative performance and composition activities.

Unlike conventional notation, this system is designed to be accessible and engaging for students and teachers with any level of musical experience, from beginners to professional musicians.

The notation consists of colour-coded shapes and symbols, which are animated to suggest musical concepts and which give structure and direction to group performances.

The resource is particularly aimed at primary schools where an Internet connection to an interactive whiteboard or large screen will give teachers full access to a growing range of musical activities and games.

Over the last four years, Shane has explored this new type of musical notation through workshops, installations and performance in Ireland, the UK and the USA, and presented his work at the International Symposium of Electronic Art 2011 in Istanbul. Since 2011, together with artist Killian Redmonk, he has used this experience to create a series of educational resources on a free online blog. The blog offers a step-by-step introduction to the area of animated music notation with an accompanying component for teachers to develop and share their ideas and lesson plans.

New resources will be added each week and developers Shane and Killian are encouraging teachers and students to try out this method and to get in contact with any comments or contributions.

“The main aim of DabbledooMusic is to get people making music together regardless of experience, ability or what instruments they use. What users get out of it is mostly up to them. With a bit of creativity, practice and teamwork, we hope this resource will encourage hours of musical fun and learning”.
For more information on DabbledooMusic please contact Shane at: [email protected]