Artists-in-Residence at The Music Department, St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra (Dublin) on Friday 20th September 12.00-2.00

The Fidelio Trio, artists-in-residence at the Music Department, St Patrick’s College will present this ‘taster’ course on chamber music in education on Friday 20th September, comprising two hour-long sessions:

– an interactive session between members of St Ultan’s Senior Orchestra and The Fidelio Trio. Ten young musicians from this primary school orchestra will perform and work closely with the world-renowned ensemble

– a practical session and discussion on string teaching and learning for tutors and senior students led by Darragh Morgan (violin) and Robin Michael (cello). The focus here will be on the professional development of the string tutor (in classical, trad or other styles) and of those leading/administering established or emerging instrumental groups in schools or in the wider community